Service trained engineers provide an accurate assessment of the condition of your cranes, hatch covers, winches. We evaluate potential risks, inform about maintenance work and potential improvement opportunities and provide recommendations and reports.

Especially for cranes the Chenhai service standard crane inspection follows strict guidelines and covers among others the following:
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Review of manuals, maintenance plan and other related documentation

Visual check of the crane, e.g. corrosion, deformation, damages, greasing, screw connections and others

Functional tests, e.g. joystick, drive system, slewing, brakes, control system, remote controls and others

Test of safety devices, e.g. limit switches, load pins, pressure Switches, over speed, pressure limitation valves, emergency stops

Rocking tests

Overload tests

Preparation of protocols, recommendations and spare parts list hidden content


To minimize the costs and crane downtime we support our customers with trouble shooting assistance. A lot of malfunctions have their origin in the electric system. Especially these failures can be rectified by the vessel´s crew with remote assistance from our office. Together and with a well-equipped stock of spare parts on board the crew can perform a number of repair jobs themselves.

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  • Reduce operational cost when minimizing the number of service trips

  • Improved preparation prior to service visits

  • Real time onboard support

  • Avoid service trips for small jobs that the crew can solve themselves

  • Ensure reliable crane operation also in remote areas with YFZ support

  • In case of technical problems, we are immediately there for you: Via the central service hotline you can reach us from Monday to Sunday at our headquarters in Shanghai China

Repairing & Refurbishment Overhauling

The workshop of Chenhai Service is equipped to carry out full crane repairs and refurbishments for marine and offshore crane components. The repair and refurbishment program cover also cylinders gearboxes units’ valves etc.:

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Slewing gearboxes

  • Control valve blocks

  • Cylinders

  • Winches

  • Hydraulic and electric components

Chenhai Service also disassembles the complete crane. While doing this work the Chenhai service engineers inspect structural, mechanical and electrical components and advice on necessary repair or replacement activities within an evaluation report. Special machinery is available for the repair and refurbishment work of cranes and crane components.

Our workshops are located in shanghai, Zhoushan, Guangzhou, Dalian and Zhenjiang. We are able to perform repairs and overhauls of many crane components.

Also, a test run with a hydraulic aggregate is possible to ensure a reliable operation after completion of the repair or overhaul.

Further overhaul or conversions of complete crane units with test run on a test field is possible. Our co-operation with Dalian gives us access to a 2000m
modern fabrication facility for production of offshore, marine and onshore cranes and winches.


Planned Maintenance

Vessel operators have some form of planned maintenance system as part of their Vessel Management System in order to maintain the vessel in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations. These systems vary but it should ensure that a comprehensive program of testing and maintenance is put in place for any mentioned equipment. This will go a long way towards reducing downtime. Chenhai service offers a complete life cycle maintenance program whereby our engineers visit the vessel at pre-determined intervals to carry out routine maintenance and service checks.Read More

Intense use, out-of-date electrical systems and insignificant maintenance can all have a negative impact on your equipment operationality. Our service engineers work closely with you to develop a refurbishment plan that will increase the equipment reliability and keep it running for many upcoming projects.

Trained Chenhai service engineers offer installation and commissioning services after successful FAT and delivery of the crane. Mechanical, Electrical and Hydraulic engineers supervise and coordinate installation activities, commissioning and sea trial test.

Spare parts

  • Wire Luffing Cranes

  • Cylinder Luffing Crane

  • Hatch Cover

  • Mooring Winch

  • Windlass

  • Lashings

It is our policy that adequate spare parts are available for routine maintenance to avoid extended shutdowns in case of failure. Spare parts and materials will be required for routine and planned maintenance. The specific items and quantities will be estimated from the maintenance tasks and maintenance schedule.